Simple Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Look Simple Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Look
Overview Sometimes, the beauty enhances by the applying of the makeup & makeup adds more beauty to the face. This can make a huge... Simple Eye Makeup To Enhance Your Look


Sometimes, the beauty enhances by the applying of the makeup & makeup adds more beauty to the face. This can make a huge difference. It is very important to do the makeup in such a way that it may give the natural look. A neutral eye makeup can really make a great sense of the beauty & you will feel that really it is fabulous & just you must have a technique to apply the makeup. How to do the eye-enhancing makeup let’s do it, follow the following steps:

  • Prepare the Eyelids

It should start with the eyeshadow & the shadow should be held there, apply in such sense. If the eyelid is dry, a concealer can be applied. But, keep in mind, if the eyelid is warm of you, then it would be better to avoid the usage of the shadow because this will allow the moisture to be picked up their & thus gives the smooth touch to the makeup.

  • Dark Color Should be Used

In order to enhance the eyes, a dark color should be selected, like:

  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Brown
  • Black

This dark combination will allow in contrasting the white of the eye as well as the eye color. A pencil can be used as this gets manipulated easily. A pencil gives the beautiful look as compared to some gel or the liquid which gives the chip or flake look. A pencil is applied softly on the eyelash, from the inner corner of an eye to the outside edge. Keep on moving until it gets somewhat thick.

  • Perfection in the Eyeliner

When the liner has been applied on the lids, then linter is applied. Keep remembering that the tiny form of the eyeliner brush softens & perfects the line. A cotton plug is then used in order to maintain the perfection of the line from inside & the out of the edge.

  • Layer Makeup

The soft & light color is applied thoroughly to the lashes & the shape can be given the V shape.

  • Addition of the Shimmer

The neutral makeup can be carried out using the combo of light as well as dark colors. A shimmer is then applied to the lids. The darker tones make the perfection of the eye. The light color makes the eye pop it up.

  • A Liner Under the Lower Lashes

Many people do not like to apply the pencil under the eye but it really makes the eye beautiful & after applying the liner, the shade can be smoothening afterward using the cotton swab.

  • Applying the Curler

After the whole applying of the shades, a curler should be used.  A curler just gives the look beautiful & thus gives the look of the eye bigger. The curler is applied in order to give the shape when placed in the cup of the curler. Then try to pinch the curler just near to the roots of the lashes not just blending the hairs.

  • Applying of the Mascara

Mascara brings the great change in the eye look. Separating the 2 lashes, the mascara can be applied. Mascara should not be applied too much as this can stick the eyelashes & thus the mascara can be spoiled.

  • Eyeliner Gap

Do not try to dispel the illusions when a thicker lash is faked. There should not be the gap in the shades & in order to maintain those gaps, the stiffer brush is applied & thus it is applied to fill in the gap.

  • Using the Light Concealer

Around the eye, the light colored concealer should be used, this will give the brighten touch around the eye. A concealer can be a highlighter also.

  • Inner Corners Needs to be White

In order to give the best view of the eyes, the white eyeliner should be used. The purpose of adding this white eyeliner will lessen the tiredness as well.

  • Arch Support is Provided

In order to give the manicured & cosmetic look, the brows above the eye require being little alert & standing. Natural brows always give the best touch & are sensitive. Mascara brush should be applied to give such look.

  • Finishing the look

For the definition, under the cheek bone, bronzer is applied. Add the lipstick & if there are some extra visions then remove them using the cotton swab.


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