Natural Depression Cure Methods Natural Depression Cure Methods
Depression is a worldwide problem nowadays. Following are certain natural depression cure methods Take a “happy” diet Eating healthy can aid in general, but... Natural Depression Cure Methods

Depression is a worldwide problem nowadays. Following are certain natural depression cure methods

Take a “happy” diet

Eating healthy can aid in general, but there are certain foods that can benefit with serotonin, the chemical present in a brain that donates to “happy.” Certain foods are serotonin enhancers, helping to raise these levels naturally. They contain:

-Fish-oil, -Healthy fat, for example, coconut oil, Sour cherries, Flaxseed oil, Eggs

Steer clear of coffee

There are certain claims for the benefits of coffee when the question comes to depression. It’s true that caffeine will provide you a quick boost in your mood. Being exhausted but supported and over-caffeinated doesn’t do something good for the chemicals that control mood, and can affect serotonin creation in the brain. This has been noted by the growth of 5-HIA. This makes them at risk for the lower levels of this all-important neurotransmitter.

Drink green tea

Green tea also contains caffeine but has one other extremely vital constituent: L-theanine which works synergistically with caffeine to increase mood in such a way that you don’t acquire the same crash-effect. It has psychoactive properties as it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, and can reduce stress and boost dopamine.

You will want…

-1 cup of boiling water and 1 green tea bag

Try acupuncture

There have been numerous studies that have shown acupuncture helps with pain, and may support with depression and anxiety. When the needle enters to your skin at one of the 400 body points utilized by acupuncturists, your body answers by releasing endorphins. This makes you feel calm, happy, and comfortable, and this feeling lasts long after the session is over.

You will need…

-A qualified acupuncturist

 Drink chamomile tea

Depression goes hand in hand with nap problems. It’s similar to you can’t get out of bed during the day but never fall asleep at night also. It is supposed that a particular flavonoid in chamomile is what donates to its relaxing properties, and it is found that having a cup before the time for bed with a bit of milk as well as honey does help me unwind. Gather a little lavender sleep sachet below your pillow too and you’ll have an extra relaxing boost when you twist up.

You will need…

1 cup of boiling water, a dash of milk and honey, 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile,

See a therapist

It has a negative implication in today’s society because seeing a psychoanalyst has been something that has pulled through many hard times. Many people used to hate going to see back in middle-school and high school but now it is being appreciated to those peaceful sessions it’s hugely supportive and allows for some much-needed relief from your views and emotions.


A popular home therapy for depression comes in the form of St. John’s wort. An herbaceous shrub, St. John’s wort has been utilized to treat various “nervous disorders” It is the most actual in cases of mild to moderate depression, and is assumed to work chiefly because of the effect of hypericin, one of its main ingredients. Hypericin seems to affect various neurotransmitters in a similar way to serotonin reuptake inhibitors. There are numerous other components of St. John’s wort that may donate to the antidepressant effects, even though hypericin is the most broadly recognized. However this plant does seem to have fewer side-effect than prescription medications, it can still restrict with them, so double check before using it.

You will want…

A high-quality supplement of St. John’s wort.


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