Natural Diabetes Cure Supplements Natural Diabetes Cure Supplements
  It is best to let the food you take provide you vitamins and minerals. Though, many people are turning to substitutive medicines and... Natural Diabetes Cure Supplements


It is best to let the food you take provide you vitamins and minerals. Though, many people are turning to substitutive medicines and supplements. In fact, diabetics use supplements more than those without the disease. Supplements should not be taken to replace standard diabetes treatment. It is vital to talk to your doctor before using any supplements. Only because a product is natural does not mean it is safe to use.

A number of increments have shown promise as a natural diabetes cure. These contain the following.


Chinese has been using cinnamon for the medicinal purposes for many years. It has been the subject of various studies to determine its outcome on blood glucose levels. A study has shown that the cinnamon, in whole form or extract, aidsin lower fasting blood glucose levels. Further studies are being done, but cinnamon is presenting promise for helping to treat diabetes.


Chromium is acrucial trace element. It is utilized in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Though, research on the ingestion of chromium for diabetes treatment is mixed. Low doses are harmless for most people, but there is a danger that chromium could make blood sugar go too low. Extra doses also have the potential to cause kidney damage.

Vitamin B-1

Vitamin B-1 is also recognized as thiamine. Numerous people with the diabetes are thiamine deficient. This may donate to some diabetes complications. Little thiamine has been linked to heart disease as well as blood vessel damage.

Thiamine is water-soluble. It has trouble getting into the cells where it’s desired. On the other hand, benfotiamine, an additional form of thiamine, is lipid-soluble. It can more simply penetrates cell membranes. Some research advises that benfotiamine can prevent diabetic complications. Though, other studies have not shown any positive effects.

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is utilized to treat diabetes-related conditions in states like Asia, South America, as well as others. There is a lot of data on its usefulness as a treatment for diabetes in animal as well as lab studies.However, there is imperfect human data on bitter melon. There are not sufficient clinical studies on human. The human studies presently available are not of high quality.

Green Tea

Green tea comprises polyphenols, which are antioxidants.The chief antioxidant in green tea is identified as (EGCG). Laboratory studies have showed that EGCG may have several health benefits including:

Lower cardiovascular disease risk

Inhibition of type 2 diabetes

Enhanced glucose control

Enhanced insulin activity

Studies on diabetic patients have not exposed health benefits. Though, green tea is generally considered safe.


It is a chemical present in wine and grapes. In animal models, it aidsto prevent high blood sugar. Animal studies have also displayed that it can decrease oxidative stress. However, human data is inadequate. It is too soon to identify if supplementation helps with diabetes.


It is acrucial nutrient. It helps to regulate blood pressure. It also adjusts insulin sensitivity. Supplemental magnesium may increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics. Diet high in magnesium may also decrease the risk of diabetes. Researchers have establish a link between higher magnesium intakes, lower rates of insulin resistance, as well as diabetes.




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