How To A Avoid Diabetes How To A Avoid Diabetes
One of the major health issues that has been troubling a large population across the globe is called diabetes. It is a metabolic disorder... How To A Avoid Diabetes

One of the major health issues that has been troubling a large population across the globe is called diabetes. It is a metabolic disorder that affects the functions of the pancreas.If a person’s blood sugar levels remain high for prolonged period of time he is considered a diabetic.Diabetes is a very serious condition and if it is not kept in control it may lead to many other complications.
How To Control Your Blood Sugar.
Diabetes in itself is a condition that is life threatening ,but the other problems that are a result of uncontrolled blood sugar may sometimes prove fatal is up you w you keep your blood sugar levels in control and stay on a safer side as far as the issues related to sugar are concerned.there are several that you could take in order tomanage your blood sugar,usually your health care provider provides you with adetailed instructions manual regarding the steps you should take in order to lead a healthy life.Diabetes care
Check Your Sugar Regularly

If you believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’ then you should monitor your blood sugar regularly.The frequency of monitoring your sugar depends upon the condition of blood sugar in your blood and your health condition.You can ask your physician about the intervals between your blood sugar tests.The best time to check your blood sugar when you are diagnosed with high sugar levels is either in fasting condition or two hours after the breakfast, but if if your blood sugar levels remain low you can check it whenever you feel weakness or something unusual. After being diagnosed with diabetes, it is your duty to ask for a doctors appointment. Discuss your disease with your doctor and ask him to guide you about the timing of monitoring the sugar level. You should also ask for his guidance about how to deal with low blood sugar and what to do if it goes too high.

You Should Be Watchful About Your Weight

It is a universal fact that obesity or being overweight results in different types of health issues, in some cases diabetes is also a result of the extra pounds that you carry. If you were obese when you were diagnosed with high blood sugar, you can manage it just by losing weight. There are many benefits in weight loss and controlled blood sugar levels is one of them. When you are determined to lose weight always ask or your doctor’s advice if you are planning a special weight loss diet as all the diet plans for weight loss are not suitable for the patients of diabetes as some diets may become the cause of the sudden decline in blood sugar level.

Diabetes, Is Sleep Related Too

There is one more fact about diabetes that most of the people are ignorant of,it is the connection of sleep with diabetes.Uncontrolled sugar levels may be the result of sleepless nights. Studies conducted about diabetes show that most of the patients with type 2 diabetes, have irregular sleep patterns,they have to make a lot of efforts to fall asleep and even when they sleep they don’t enjoy deep sleep. If you are one of such diabetics who lack sleep should discuss it with your doctor and take some sleep medication. After your sleep is improved you will definitely notice an improvement in your blood sugar levels.
Diabetes care


Diabetes Control Through Diet

Most of the diabetics have a sweet tooth to satisfy. The sweetest things you eat, the higher goes your sugar level in the blood. So,after being diagnosed with diabetes, you should remember that the food rich in sugar content and carbohydrates may keep you from maintaining normal blood sugar levels. If you want to avoid medication for diabetes, you should control your diabetes with diet. A diabetic is allowed sweet things only when he feels dropped sugar levels,otherwise he may eat sweet things in moderation. If you are a chocolate or an ice cream lover and can’t stop craving for sweets ,you should adopt the habit of healthy eating by substituting the ice cream with a big banana and a chocolate with an apple.

Control Diabetes With Lifestyle Changes.

Many a times the disease of diabetes enters your life due to your sluggish lifestyle.If you develop a habit of daily workout or a long walk even three times a week you can make a great difference in your blood sugar levels.


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