Raising The Baby: 4 Crucial Tips Raising The Baby: 4 Crucial Tips
There is nothing as precious in this world than a healthy baby giggling around you. Every loving parent in the world is always ready... Raising The Baby: 4 Crucial Tips

There is nothing as precious in this world than a healthy baby giggling around you. Every loving parent in the world is always ready to ease away the smallest of discomfort that disturbs a child at all costs. A few years back people used to visit the doctors more often to get their babies checked for one reason or the other,this happened due to ignorance about several health issues of babies that could have been avoided with a little extra care.Now,we are lucky to have the internet where the a number of ell known and authentic websites provide us with doctor’s advice over common health problems that can be dealt at home at times without medication, but sometimes you are advised to use over the counter drugs to handle the situation.


Give You Baby The Natural Immunity

There is an immunity system provided by nature that makes a baby healthy enough to fight minor infection and other health issues.This immunity is provided through the breast milk of a mother. The breast fed babies have stronger immune system as compared to bottle fed babies.

Raising the baby: 4 crucial tips

The best thing that a mother can give her baby is the breast milk she is blessed with .If you nurse your baby for at least first six months of his life he will develop a very strong immune system that will help him for the years to come.



Use Organic Things

When it comes to preparation of baby foods, you should always try to buy all the stuff that is 100% organic.No matter if it is fruit or some vegetables, the best things to use are the organic ones as the inorganic items contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful for human health and some of these chemicals stay on the fruits and vegetables even after washing them with hot water. Never ever use the processed or canned food for the preparation of baby food. There are some companies who manufacture the canned food with no such chemicals that are harmful for human health, so due to any reason you want to keep canned food in your kitchen but the one that is organic.


Keep Environment Clean

Unfortunately,we are living in an era in which the pollution is at its all-time high and is ever increasing. In such conditions all the parents should try to make every effort to make the environment clean for the baby. There is a myth that people used to believe in about baby care and that is to keep babies indoors to protect them from pollution and the particles in the air,but medical science has proved this a myth, in fact a baby’s exposure to outdoor environment is good for his health as it helps develop immunity against all the allergens present in the air. When the baby is indoors you should keep the windows open for some time to get rid of stuffiness. When the atmosphere is dry you should start using a humidifier to prevent dryness. According to baby health experts today,the detergents and other cleaning material used in the houses have a lot of fumes that are harmful for human health and may cause breathing and other health problems. To keep the environment of your house clean and healthy for your baby it is advisable to get rid of all the cleaning material that has strong smell and chemicals that may add to the air pollution. Some health experts suggest using indoor plants in the house as they are the best natural air purifiers that could be used in a house.Raising the baby: 4 crucial tips

According to some baby health care experts the more you save your baby from germs the weaker becomes his immunity for them,so do not bother too much on sterilization of all the things that your baby may come in contact , just be cautious when there are other sick kids around.


Avoid Self Medication

Raising a baby is quite a difficult task,as babies go through several phases in the first two years of life. If your baby catches cold all you can do is to use saline nasal drops to open his blocked nose. Never give any medicine to your baby unless it is prescribed by a doctor.



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