How To Stop Smoking (4 Crucial Steps) How To Stop Smoking (4 Crucial Steps)
  Right from the time of birth till death human beings adopt different habits,some habits are inculcated by the parents in the early days... How To Stop Smoking (4 Crucial Steps)


Right from the time of birth till death human beings adopt different habits,some habits are inculcated by the parents in the early days of life and some just become a part of one’s life.There are two types of habits, according to their impact on human life,some are good habits and some are bad. Among hundreds of habits that people have smoking is considered as one of the most harmful habit as it affects not only the person who does it,it also is equally harmful for people sharing the same environment. Every smoker who truly loves his family should try hard to quit the bad habit of smoking as the second hand smoke that his family inhales sometimes is more dangerous than the smoking itself. The following are some methods that may help you get rid of this bad habit to clean the environment of your house for healthy living.


One of the oldest, but a bit difficult way to quit smoking is to go turkey. It is the test of a smoker’s will power. It is a known fact that most of the smokers just say that they have decided to quit, but a very few stand by their words. The success in quitting the tobacco intake largely depends upon the use of nicotine replacement therapies known as NRTs as most of the smokers, especially the chain smokers definitely need some outside help to do so. If you think you have a strong will power and can do whatever you decide to do,then try it with your decision of quitting the bad habit of smoking. If you are an educated person you might have the knowledge about the negative effects of tobacco use, it does not only harm your lungs it also affects your overall health.

The best way to prove the strength of your will power is to get busy in some other activity during the time in which you used to smoke the most. According to health experts, a person smokes more when he feels stressed or bored,so, if you join a gym or register with some local club where you could play the games of your choice,these hobbies won’t let you get bored or stressed about the daily matters of life and your urge to smoke will definitely decrease.



One more thing that could help you quit smoking, is through using the nicotine replacement therapy. To use his method you need to buy some nicotine chewing gums,lozenges, and patches that you could use in order to stay away from your pack of cigarettes. It is considered as the best way to quit the use of nicotine as the items like nicotine patches and gums help you decrease the amount of nicotine gradually, you do not feel deprived of it till you turn towards more healthy routines than you used to stay in when you were a smoker. The latest item that is becoming popular as a cigarette alternative is the e-cigarette.



There are several medicines available in the market that claim that they can help you quit smoking in just a matter of weeks if not months. The use of medication for cessation of smoking is mostly advised for the patients who have active metabolism and process the nicotine quite rapidly as compared to people with a slow metabolic rate. If you have fast metabolic rate then the use of medication to help you quit smoking is the best option for you.if you are determined to quit smoking just visit your doctor and discuss the side effects of the medication and use the medicine if your doctor advises it.

Visit a counselor or therapist

Sometimes only counseling does that what most of the medicines can’t do, so, if you feel its time to quit smoking you can ask for the help of a counselor who will surely make quitting easier for you.

Get ready for withdrawal

Whenever it comes about addiction cessation the most difficult part of the whole process is the withdrawal. You should get mentally prepared to cope with the symptoms and find some alternatives that you could use to combat the situation. For example, some people start taking green tea whenever they feel like smoking, this way they stay away from smoking and drink something that is known to be good for health.

How To Stop Smoking (4 Crucial Steps)

Remove temptations

If you have started your quit smoking plan the best way to stick to it is to get rid of all the items related to smoking. For this you should throw away all the cigarettes, lighters, cigars, pipes, and everything that is linked with nicotine intake.




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