Teenage Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts Teenage Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts
  Though the western world is considered the most developed areas of the world and people call them super powers,they have a long list... Teenage Pregnancy Do’s And Don’ts


Though the western world is considered the most developed areas of the world and people call them super powers,they have a long list of such issues that are not as common in the eastern world as in the west. In almost all the countries where sex without marriage is legal there is an ever growing problem of teenage parenting that has taken the society by storm. There are a large number of educated and respectable families,even in America and Europe, where teenage pregnancy, though it may not be illegal is considered a stigma. Most of the experts consider this problem as a result of lack of communication between parents and teenagers and lack of education on the part of schools. All the schools that teach everything bout sex education should also be responsible for creating awareness about the dangers related to teenage pregnancy and how to avoid it. The following are some instructions for all of you who have become pregnant in teenage and have no one to guide you about what is good and what is bad for you throughout this delicate period of your life.


What a teenage pregnant girl should do?

Find a support system

Though becoming pregnant at any age is an emotional experience and one needs some supportive and understanding people around oneself to pass this time with ease,it is more so when a teenager gets pregnant. In most of the teenage pregnancy cases there is nothing as planned. The society no matter how liberal it is usually does not welcome most of the teenage pregnancy,the reason for this attitude is the  risks and consequences of this pregnancy. When a teenage girl gets pregnant she is more disturbed than any adult in her situation would be. This crucial time can become easy with a loving and supportive family. So,in order to get all the love and support you should communicate everything in detail with your parents and family.


Prenatal care

Getting pregnant at a very young age is quite risky if one does not seek help in prenatal care. Prenatal care is the medical term used for all the care that a woman needs right till the birth of the baby. You should see a doctor regularly till you give birth. There are some cases in which one does not afford the doctors fee,if you have the same problem you can seek the help of social service providers who can arrange a health care provider’s visit free of cost. When people plan pregnancies they start taking iron and vitamin supplements even before the conception,keeping this fact in mind you should be quick in seeking medical care for your pregnancy. The earlier you seek the medical advice the better it will be for you and your baby.


Cooperate with your doctor

For a teenage girl pregnancy might be something scary,and the physical examination and blood tests that are required, make the teenage moms even more nervous. There is nothing to be afraid of in all the tests that your doctor asks you for,blood tests are needed to rule out the risks of any STD diseases that may in future harm the baby and other complication like diabetes. In most of the teenage pregnancies there are chances of high blood pressure and anemia, and early diagnosis of these problems helps the doctor help you manage your pregnancy on your own.


Always eat healthy food

During your pregnancy you have to eat food that is rich in all essential nutrients, especially vitamins,calcium and iron.


Join a pregnancy class

Register with a pregnancy class and know all about the changes you will have to face both in your body and in your life.


Don’ts of teenage pregnancy

If you have become pregnant at a young age by accident,never hide  it from your family,you should share it with your partner as well as your family in order to plan the future.TEENAGE PREGNANCY DO’S AND DON’TS


Never hesitate from a doctor

Never hide anything from your doctor. Always remember that you are just a young patient for your doctor and he would ask you all the questions that are needed to keep you and your baby safe and healthy and it is your duty to answer all the questions honestly for your own benefit.


Don’t over do

The best key to the safe delivery of your child is to keep all your movements in control and do whatever your body demands.If you feel tired then do not overexert.


Quit junk food

You might feel during the later stage of your pregnancy that your stomach has shrunk, but in fact it’s the space occupied by your baby that makes you feel like that.Be sure to eat only the best food and quit eating junk.







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